When you think about having a boudoir classified portrait session, you probably imagine it will take place at a professional photographer’s studio.  The idea of having portraits created of you in your underwear in an unfamiliar place probably can be a little daunting for even the bravest of women and we recognize that. We always try to accommodate our clients and have their comfort as our top priority, which is why we offer boudoir photography sessions both in our studio and on-location. We will travel to your home or preferred location for your private boudoir classified portrait session if that’s what you would prefer.

Why would you want to choose a session in your own home?

  1. you are familiar with your surroundings and will feel more relaxed.  You are used to lounging at home, and this shows in the portraits.
  2. your portraits will have a more intimate or personal touch.  It’s your bed, your coverings, and your accessories.  And just as you chose them because you liked them, so your images will have that familiarity about them that you will admire.  You may have a hobby that we can incorporate – and you will have all the relevant items at home.
  3. you will have available all your lingerie, jewellery, shoes, makeup and a variety of personal props.  So often we hear “I have that at home!” but didn’t bring it to the Studio.  Also, your partner’s wardrobe which can hold a wealth of clothes which will look great on you, and which they will love because it is theirs!
  4. We can use the whole house (assuming everyone is out!).  Boudoir isn’t only the bedroom, it works well in the dining room, lounge, and kitchen. Even the Study or garage can be utilised!  Having your portrait taken in these unusual surrounds adds a sense of excitement to your images.

If you are concerned that your home might not be quite suitable, then we can meet prior to the sitting and discuss the places we will use.  All you need is a window for soft lighting, a door to lean against, a chair to relax in, or pose with.  Professional photographers see a lot of potential in the most unusual places, so don’t dismiss your at-home boudoir session until we have taken a look.

Contact Dean to discuss your sitting further.  This is the time.
Our studio is at the junction of the M6/M61/M65 – so your North West home is likely to be well within our reach!