What is Boudoir ?

What is Boudoir ?


In photography, boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sensual images. Women pose in lingerie for fine art photographs to share with their significant other. These types of portraits are sensual and sexy and can be empowering. Nudity is implied and tasteful, it can even be elegant.

These photos are a way to document how great you look and feel about yourself at any season in your life. This type of photography is wildly popular from New York to California and everywhere in between!

Photo albums from boudoir shoots make for the perfect wedding day, holiday, anniversary and birthday gifts. Not to mention, bridal boudoir for a groom’s gift has become extremely popular.

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About Me

About Me

Hi. My name is Dean, and I am a professional portrait photographer based in Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire.

I’ve been making professional portraits for well over 33 years now but my interest in photography came early in life – at around 10 years of age.  I grew up in a family where one of my grandad’s hobbies, other than fly fishing, was photography and I remember he used the downstairs bath to develop his black and white negatives (remember them?).  I also remember the grief my granny gave him over the yellow stains he left in the enamel from the developing process!

I became really into portrait photography as a teenager, often photographing friends for amateur and practical photography magazine competitions and, after having some success, I enrolled at my local camera club, Preston Photographic Society.

I worked for a large textile firm back in the early eighties together with my friend Steve, the firm’s chief mechanic. We created the firm’s first photographic club. In 1984 I was headhunted to be a wedding and portrait photographer for a now-defunct professional studio in Church Street, Preston town centre. Here I was given my professional photography training and also excelled in the studios own photographic lab as a darkroom technician. One year later I went professional on my own – setting up my Studio in Bamber Bridge. And I have been here ever since.

Today, together with my wife Sally we are the proud owners of Bamber Bridge’s first and only professional photographic studio.

For the last 33 years, our ground-floor high street Studio has been the go-to studio for easy access for disabled people.

My profession is the best profession in the world, I get to FREEZE TIME!  I capture forever memories you’ll be proud to hang on your walls for years to come. The quality of my work will literally last a lifetime, I guarantee it.

My new presentation boxes have arrived

My new presentation boxes have arrived

I absolutely love these!  I recently ordered my samples of presentation boxes (also known as folio boxes) and they are even better than I hoped.  These presentation boxes are available in various sizes/colors and come with the option of either 10 or 20 matted photos.  They make beautiful gifts for your partner (or yourself) that can be proudly displayed if you desire or placed discreetly in a bedside table.  These boxes don’t just come with your mounted prints, we also have various USB options are available to have digital copies of your images. For further information please call 01772 334076 and arrange a chat to discuss your options.

Each box comes with a gorgeous matching carry bag for that finishing touch.